Scoring Your W@H Readiness

As we have been interacting with our clients over the last several weeks, we have been asked to provide guidance with implementing or ramping a Work at Home (W@H) workforce. Many of our clients have rapidly deployed W@H environments already so they can continue to service their customers. We want to encourage anyone who has already gone through this process or who is starting this journey to begin by assessing your organization’s readiness.

You should begin with these three high-level questions to gauge your W@H readiness:

  • Are you ready to transition to a work-at-home environment?
  • How quickly can you make the transition?
  • Do you fully understand the gaps in your current technology and processes to migrate?

As you consider these questions, remain mindful that there are other details that can make or break your W@H model. Some organizations may feel that they can transition without assistance but may not have the expertise to move rapidly enough to effectively continue to service their customers. Other companies may move ahead quickly but have unforeseen gaps in their virtual floor management that only present themselves post-implementation.

This is why we developed a W@H Readiness assessment, available by clicking the download button below.

Download Assessment

If you would like to understand how your W@H readiness compares to other companies, simply complete the assessment and send it to Our experts will provide you with a W@H readiness capability score and help highlight your opportunities.