Why does supervisor training get deprioritized during the budget process? 

Throughout the years of interacting with our clients, we have seen many companies de-prioritize training their frontline leaders. We think this is interesting as we found a significant correlation between the development of frontline leadership and high performance in companies. In fact, we know it is the single greatest contribution to metric performance. Their span of control impacts not only your employee experience but also your customer service interactions and revenue. We have broken this out further below. Frontline leaders are responsible for the following:

Understanding the significant impact these frontline leaders have on performance, we have discovered through our research most frontline leaders are underdeveloped. Below, you will see some alarming statistics around just how underdeveloped they are.

By investing in supervisors, we noticed companies experienced large gains in their customer experience scores, employee engagement scores, efficiency, and revenues. Here are some of our recent results: a 5 point improvement in Quality Scores in 2 months and $326,000 in efficiency saves in 4 months. 

However, many companies de-prioritize supervisor training over other line items in the budget. While investing in technology and additional headcounts are important, providing supervisors and managers with the proper tools and skills they need to effectively manage their agent pool provides the best returns in the shortest time.

If you’d like to learn more about our research, our supervisor training program, or how we might help ensure training remains in your budget, give us a call or email us today. We welcome all exploratory calls.