contact center consultants who collaborate with your team to drive performance improvements using a results based approach

Welcome to the Insite Experience

Founded in 2007, Insite was established with the purpose to provide a truly unique experience that marries together deep operations management expertise, enthusiasm for achieving unprecedented results, and a culture of transferring knowledge. We then incorporate these characteristics into our suite of professional services: Site Assessments/Benchmarking, Training, Performance Improvement, Build & Transfer, Staff Augmentation, and Transformations.

As Human Operations Experts we are passionate about understanding an organization’s urgent priorities for its contact center(s), tailoring an engagement approach to their unique operating environment, executing with precision, and delivering tangible results. At the end of the day, we help companies achieve their critical operations objectives!

Quick Facts About Insite

  • Engaged in over 800 sites

  • Delivers a consistent four to seven times return on investments

  • Founded in 2007
  • Staff of industry veterans with 18+ years of experience
  • Deep expertise in multiple industries (Insurance, Travel, Telecom, Media, Retail, Automotive, Utility)

  • Headquarters in Southwest Florida

Why Partner with Insite

Using a methodical and data-driven process to understand our clients’ needs, our team maps a custom set of services to achieve sustainable objectives. We then transfer knowledge to equip your staff with the appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver a consistently strong return on investment. The following elements are key points in the difference that make your Insite experience unique and special.

Insite has an exclusive focus and concentration on Human Operations; this is all we do. We pride ourselves on being more than generalist by providing deep subject matter expertise and value in every interaction.

With the interaction of over 700 contact center operations across the globe and across industry (Insurance, Automotive, Financial, Telecommunications, Media), Insite has seen it all. We have helped pioneer leading practices, obtained insight into approaches that deliver real outcomes, and indexed performance data for benchmarking.

Our team averages 18 years of hand-on operational experience with highly successful track records. This enables them to provide pragmatic solutions to achieve breakthrough results.

We consistently deliver 4x to 7x ROI. This is not accomplished by accident. Every engagement goes through a process to architect an approach that achieves the objective and maximizes ROI.

While there are commonalities across every operation, we take the time to understand the unique characteristics of every organization. This approach enables us to customize an engagement that aligns with company culture, budget, and desired outcomes.

Data and process analytical techniques is essential to uncovering the “best” answers to meet a company’s objectives. Every engagement uses these analytical techniques to validate theories, pinpoint root causes, select solutions, and define strategic objectives.


What is the Contact Center Framework?

Our ccFramework® is the foundation for how we solve your current business challenges. On many levels, it provides us with direction, structure, and organization as we work through your challenges and execute our solutions. The framework allows us to segment large projects such as an organization-wide Site Benchmark while still focusing on the needs and challenges at hand. Our Contact Center Operational Framework is to a contact center as a blueprint is to a building.

What Does the Framework Do?

Our Operational Framework provides a conceptual organization of all the parts of a contact center. The framework breaks the complexity of a center into its components: organization, interactions, performance, people, process, and technology.

Why Do I Need to Have a Framework?

An operational framework helps your company operations meet customer demands for fast service, provide better access to information, reduce operating costs, and deliver an improved, consistent customer experience across a rich set of communication channels. The framework sets out the way the company does business and promotes a corporate culture and identity.