How We Help

Insite’s focus is to help companies improve performance across several department areas including customer experience, sales, contact centers, claims, underwriting, back office processes, IT tech support, finance, and collections. We are an authority in providing practical solutions with industry specific applications, taking best practices from a wide portfolio of experience and applying them where our clients are having blindspots.

As performance improvement experts in companies, we are passionate about understanding an organization’s urgent priorities for its operations, tailoring an engagement approach to their unique operating environment, executing with precision, and delivering tangible results. Our work is focused on human operations work environments including contact centers, claims, underwriting, back office processes, IT tech support, finance, sales, and collections. At the end of the day, we help companies achieve their critical performance objectives!


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Site benchmarking provides an outside eye in your company using your metrics and processes and comparing them to the 600 companies we’ve touched with the goal to share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. LEARN MORE
Training for supervisors & above with a focus on metrics & analytical problem solving. It’s based around how you use all information for various systems to improve process and performance. LEARN MORE

Insite’s Implementation Workshops are paired with our training services to extend the knowledge from the classroom into real life scenarios. LEARN MORE

Based on your current challenge, Insite will work quickly to resolve your issue while utilizing our library of best practices. Insite will deliver rapid results through data analysis, performance improvement methodologies, and decades of experience. LEARN MORE
Helps your organization make a dramatic shift in priorities, operating model, and/or culture. We will begin with a Site Benchmark and move into assisting your organization in the execution of this strategy. LEARN MORE
Build & Transfer is when you are missing a program such as quality and you need to build the program from scratch. We help build it, make it completely customized to your unique organization, and help with implementation. LEARN MORE
Staff Augmentation helps your organization fill an open position as a short term placement till you’re able to find someone. This also helps you leverage our best practices where process improvements may be needed. LEARN MORE
Journey Mapping is completed through a 3 part process that includes the customer journey, root cause identification, and practical solutions coupled with a flawless execution. We combine our 3 part process with our proven ccBenchmark methodology to ensure we delivery maximum results. LEARN MORE