Underdeveloped Supervisors

From our research, we have discovered most supervisors are promoted from within mainly due to their people skills and intelligence. Often, they start their supervisory role immediately with little to no training specifically around call center operations and managing metrics. Additionally, they are not equipped with tools and techniques to effectively manage processes and metrics. We view this as a massive challenge since supervisors are responsible for a large labor budget similar to a medium size, independent business.

How have we helped other companies?

We can solve for this challenge using our ccFundamentals program. We have a library of over 35 modules for you to choose from depending on what metrics you are trying to drive in your contact center. We couple this training with our implementation workshops to achieve significant results for your contact center.

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Training for supervisors & above with a focus on metrics & analytical problem solving. It’s based around how you use all information for various systems to improve process and performance. LEARN MORE

Insite’s Implementation Workshops are paired with our training services to extend the knowledge from the classroom into real life scenarios. LEARN MORE