Training Course Overview

Successful managers in human operating environments understand
the need to learn and grow. Having the proper tools for directors, managers,
and supervisors is crucial to the success of any operating environment. In
addition to your operations supervisors, managers, and directors, we also have
programs specifically designed for your WFM, quality, and training staff.

We have architected our training programs to teach participants practical hands-on
skills and knowledge to implement the most applicable tools from training that will
deliver breakthrough performance improvements in human operations
environments. Our programs use contact center and back office terminology,
data, and processes so participants can immediately put the content to use.

Call upon INSITE’S experience to provide training that can deliver
instant application from your time in the classroom to the day-to-day
operating activities.



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Classify relationships between key metrics and develop coaching skills for managers that foster relationships, repetition, and recognition to deliver performance improvement. Specially designed for supervisors. LEARN MORE

Discover the most comprehensive contact center training available. Streamline improvement methodology to deliver performance results. LEARN MORE

Combining the best Sigma methods for Contact Centers. Six Sigma focuses on identifying defects/errors and how to eliminate them. Lean Sigma focuses on identifying waste (non-value time/process steps) and how to reduce. Human Sigma focuses on individual personality styles and how they can be leveraged within contact centers to positively impact the customer and employee experience. LEARN MORE