The Anatomy of High Performers

high performer

In order to design our training to transform your staff into high performers, we wanted to understand what makes a high performer so good at what they do. In our last post, we discussed the different personas in your frontline leadership. What we found was it isn’t so much the persona, as it is the skillset that make them the best.

To better understand what makes the “best” different, we analyzed a comprehensive set of skills that successful operational supervisors and managers use to outperform their peers. The following are our findings. You will notice the green bars are where the most significant gaps exist between high performers and the rest of staff.


As we began to realize these results, we discovered a deeper insight into human success. When it came to the skills that drive performance, this is what set top performers apart from the rest.

Don’t get discouraged into thinking the staff lacking in these skills are hopeless. We know through our supervisor training that it’s not impossible to shift low performers to high performers. While personality is an individualistic trait that evolves over time, skills are learnable! And as we’ve discovered, it’s the skills that matter when it comes to driving performance.

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