How Do You Ensure Quality in Your Quality Program?

Businesses often come to us looking to update their quality form in order to  enhance quality performance. When working together, our clients tend to find that improving quality is more than just updating forms.

Within Insite’s holistic approach to quality performance, we go beyond survey results by effecting actual change in the operating environment. Here’s a glimpse into the 4 key areas we look at to ensure deeper quality improvement:

When evaluating quality forms, we want to ensure they drive both the outcomes our clients want, while delivering the experience their customers want. We do this by measuring the correlation between the customer’s experience and the quality monitoring process.

For one client, we took the top NPS scores and compared the quality scores and found zero correlation within the quality monitoring process, as shown in the chart below:

Remarkably, this is the case for many businesses because—although their intentions were good—many attributes measured on quality forms don’t actually correlate to key outcomes.

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