A 6-Point FCR Increase Success Story

contact center supervisor

In our last post, we talked about how top performing teams deliver 39.5% more productivity than the rest. So how exactly do you replicate the skills your top performers possess?

We analyzed 5 different areas to include personas, exposure to other companies, skills, education, and attitudes. Based on our findings, we concluded it was not the personas, exposure, education, or attitudes. It was the skills that sit behind these personas.

contact centers personas

However, our research concluded the majority of supervisors had zero leadership training, whatsoever. For the supervisors that did, they focused on skills like HR training and interviewing. While these can be useful skills, they don’t really have an impact on performance metrics.

To overcome this, we provided supervisor training for our client. Our training was analytical based and include multiple modules around “What to Coach, How to Coach”. This has drastically improved performance over a 3-month period by training supervisors in 3 key areas:

  • Performance Metrics
  • Coaching
  • Analytics

As a result, training had a trickle-down effect, leading performance to where they needed it to be. To learn more about how training can greatly impact your staff, call us at 239-338-8719.