Evaluation Overview

Insite’s team of experts provide an outside perspective that will answer all of the tough questions and any other concerns you currently have about the successful operation of your contact center(s). Insite will assist you in identifying opportunities within your existing processes and metrics across different departments, including customer service, sales, collections, claims, help desk, technical support, retention and more. Our charge is to compare and contrast your center(s) relative to our evaluation database. Our process looks at thirty-five individual components across your center.

Insite provides three levels of evaluation:

  • Level 1 – Fully comprehensive evaluation that includes strategy, people, processes, metrics and technology

  • Level 2 – Tactical evaluation where the strategy is pre-defined and includes the capability of people, process, technology and metrics to achieve the strategic objectives

  • Level 3 – Mini evaluation that includes a small number of process and metrics (examples include Quality Monitoring, Workforce Management, Training, Knowledge Management, Recruiting, Performance Management, among others)


  • Scoring summary of the 35 contact center components
  • Summary of contact center components that have the opportunity for improvement

Sample Results

A Healthcare client believed that their contact center was understaffed and that a 2nd contact center was required to meet their service levels. Through our evaluation, our analytics found this to be contrary with excess capacity and we assisted them in implementing several workforce management best practices, thus eliminating the need for an additional site with a projected savings of $1,879,825.