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Quality is a prevalent challenge in many contact centers. Several companies have a difficult time connecting their quality program to the results they are trying to drive specifically around the customer experience as well as the cost per call. In addition, quality-monitoring programs can be expensive adding up to a conservative $16.86 per call monitored. In reality, we find quite a few centers are not receiving the desired outcomes from their quality department while having a program where the costs outweigh the benefits.

How have we helped other companies?

We can help solve your quality challenge a number of different ways depending on the results you are trying to achieve. Some of services that might be helpful to you are best practice sessions, implementation support, build & transfer, or managed quality monitoring program.

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Best Practice Sessions are where we provide industry best practices, collaborate on integration of best practices, and wrap with an implementation plan. Topics can include Quality, Customer Experience, and Workforce Management.

Once your roadmap is defined, Insite will work quickly to execute your plan. Insite accomplishes this with a team of operational experts coupled with rapid cycle improvements to quickly implement, evaluate, and adjust.

Build & Transfer is when you are missing a program such as quality and you need to build the program from scratch. We help build it, make it completely customized to your unique organization, and help with implementation. LEARN MORE