Closing the Gap on Quality & CSAT

Extraordinary customer satisfaction ratings have never been more expected. As customers ask for a greater level of service from all businesses, the importance of your Quality Monitoring (QM) practices continues to grow, too. It is crucial to consider the two-way street of how QM and CSAT inform each other.

When was the last time you checked that your Quality Monitoring program was fulfilling the goals it was designed for? Perhaps you have noticed a stark difference, or Performance Delta, in your QM ratings compared to your CSAT. This often indicates that QM and CSAT are not correlating in a way that drives improved experience. There are so many benefits realized through a functional QM program, but few organizations seem to have the time to ensure they are getting all of them.


Many organizations are still stuck with scoring & methods they have never validated as fulfilling customer experience goals. If you are pursuing excellence and wish to utilize the best practices of true contact center experts, Insite is the partner for you. Take time to consider the following questions – they could help you find new opportunities.

1. Does your Quality program provide actionable ways to improve CSAT?

2. Are you uncovering opportunities for staff development through QA?

3. Do your QA methods identify sales & service best practices for your team? 

4. Is your Quality program a true listening post for firsthand customer feedback? 

The ideal Quality program delivers results, not just scores. If you are ready to build a Quality Monitoring program that can help improve your customer experience, give us a call at 239-338-8719. We are happy to hop on an exploratory call.