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A major insurance provider client saved $1,159,225


A leading wireless telecom client saved $5,000,000


A major dental client saved $4,382,728


A major airline client saved $1,261,943


A leading energy provider client saved $748,267



Doctor bag icon for a leading health insurance company who bought Insite's call center training.

Insite facilitated our customized ccFundamentals Training for Supervisors for a leading insurance company client, teaching them how to utilize behavior profile assessments to identify characteristics of their high performing agents, how to route calls based on agent performance, how to implement compensation programs where the majority of the income is directly related to performance, and how to implement quick service speeds, saving them $1,159,225.

Phone icon for a telecom company who purchased call center consulting.

A leading telecom company implemented Impact360, a Workforce Optimization software tool. They needed assistance in using “phantom” agents to help determine the total agents needed and the optimal schedules for those agents. They first reached out to Verint, the Impact360 software developer, who sent several employees directly to their contact center. After several visits, the software technicians were unable to resolve the forecasting issue.  Insite came to the center and was able to uncover an inappropriate forecast modification step that dramatically overstated staffing requirements. With this finding, the company saved over $5,000,000.

Tooth icon for a dental company who purchased call center consulting.

Our client, a leading dental care provider, needed to reduce their Cost per Call. This was accomplished by reducing average handle time and repeat calls and increasing their agent utilization and routing optimization. Through our custom engagement approach, Insite was able to identify and implement performance improvements in Cost per Call, saving $4,382,728.

Airplane icon for a airplane who bought call center analytics training.

At a major airline company, Insite facilitated our customized ccAnaltyics training by combining our best practices with the culture of their organization and by implementing practical methods and timelines to limit the loss of momentum.  Insite taught their agents how to measure and define quality in each of their contact center support departments, improve performance by utilizing a structured methodology and the process/data analytics, and how to communicate the improvements within their company, saving them $1,261,943

Power tower icon for a company who used call center Sigma training to up-skill their employees.

A leading energy provider felt their contact center leaders needed to learn the ccSigma methodologies to drive performance and sustain results. Insite trained 22 of their managers, supervisors, and support personnel. Through the ccSigma training program, they learned how to efficiently analyze performance opportunities, pinpoint root causes based on data instead of opinion, select highest impacting solutions, sustain results, and create a repeatable performance improvement process. The company improved their FCR by 2.88% and reduced handle time by 67.3 seconds for a total cost savings of $855,997.

Insite showed us how to implement improvement and prioritize step by step instead of trying to boil the ocean all at once.

Karyn Edwards, Arizona Public Service
“The knowledge Insite had of our business was impressive. The pace of the engagement was good. The entire Insite team was very resourceful and open to questions. The various expertise within the Insite team is very appreciated!”
Wanda Taylor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
I wanted to change the culture of my managers to make decisions based on data, not based on gut instinct. I wasn’t sure I believed Insite could help me make this change. Halfway through our training, I saw the cullture change in every staff meeting we had. Priceless!
Lisa Stachelski, M&T Bank
I was skeptical about attending this class – I could not have been more mistaken. From well developed materials to the exceptional teaching, this training seminar put words, terms and best practices to the process I had tried to use every day. I would recommend this to any contact center employees looking to open their understanding of their performance. Go – you won’t regret it!
Jonathan Brown, FTD
Insite Managed Solutions has a product offering for Contact Centers that I have not seen offered by any other company. Their training provided me with a greater understanding of how to analyze my call center data so that I can identify and pinpoint areas of performance that are impacting Customer Satisfaction, Service, and Cost. This was like a statistics course, tailored for Contact Center data and Contact Center Managers and Executives. I wish that I had learned this information a long time ago.
Candace Kothmann, Texas Workforce
Using real world examples allowed me to understand the content better when reflecting on my role as a supervisor and how I can apply these tools to interpret and tell a story about my teams/departments performance.
Michelle Garcia, Apollo Education Group
I recommend this program for those with managerial responsibility of a contact center as well as those being developed for that purpose. The class is unique in its approach as it introduces a new tool while using familiar data from the contact center. The class models adult learning style, encouraging healthy discussion to extend the learning based on experience. Our managers returned and immediately applied their learnings.
Rosemary Maye, Merial
An amazing course that will have an impact to the bottom line immediately. The content is delivered in such a way that is easy to understand and applicable to the contact center environment. It has been years since I have taken the course and I utilize the analytical skills and knowledge from this course on an almost daily basis.
Roman Trebon, Elavon