Is it Millennials or Their Stage of Life?

We were attending a conference last week and the Millennial Generation was a hot topic. Many executives were discussing how to motivate these individuals as they are often described as being entitled and needing constant praise. They are called the “me” generation and do not conform to the traditional notion of putting in long hours behind a desk. Others have noted they want a trophy for showing up and are not loyal to companies.

During the various discussions, we recognized we have a much different view of Millennials than other companies do. We observe these stereotypes as broad statements for a large body of individuals. Many of which are offended by the classification.

As we have analyzed the current workforce, we found classifying individuals by generation is a flawed approach. A better method is to classify by where people sit along their life journey. This is where motivation and drive exist.

  • New to workforce
  • Center on career
  • Less risk and more conservative
  • Selective in career choices
  • Focused on career and advancement
  • More open to risk and experiencing new industries
  • Willing to change companies to advance career
  • Ensure they have enough to retire
  • Re-discovering who they are
  • Keep themselves busy through hobbies
  • Might take a part time job for the social aspect
  • Hobby focused
  • Pursues passions vs any type of career

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