Micro Learning & Build Programs

Our Micro Learning & Build Programs provide building blocks to enable your team to achieve their highest levels of success through knowledge, skills, tools, and work products customized to your operating environment. In 10 DISCIPLINES we have over 60 MICRO LEARNINGS where your staff will learn best practices, how to build tools they need to meet their goals, and how to customize and implement these tools into your operating environments.

Many of these MICRO LEARNINGS are the same cost of a conference or less and participants walk away with finished work products to improve metric performance or processes immediately. Examples of finished work products can include the following: forecasting models, reporting dashboards, article templates, RFP scoring tools, job profiles, journey maps, and so much more. In addition, your team will learn how to incorporate data analytics within these tools and build a network of peers facing similar challenges.

Workforce Management

Real time, Scheduling, Near Term Forecasting, Time Off, Long Term Forecasting, Capacity Plan, Budget, Shift Bids and Reporting


Form Design, Sampling, Calibration, Feedback, Reporting/Analytics, Speech Analytics, Roles/Resp., Training, Staff Requirements, ROI

Knowledge Management Systems

Staff Roles, Content Architecture, Content Request, Content Creation, Content Publishing, Content Maintenance,
Technology, Managing KM

Learning & Development

On-boarding, Nesting, Speed to Competency, Curriculum Design, Facilitation Skills, Evaluation, Persona Learners, Managing KM

Metric Performance

NPS, CSI, AHT, Utilization, Service Levels, Conversion, Absenteeism, Attrition

Robotics & Automation

MegaMapping, Business Case, Robots


Business Case, Features, Contracting, Relevant Trends


Job Profiles, Outreach Channels, Interview Techniques, On-boarding, Reporting/Analytics

RFP Process

RFP Process, Negotiations, Contracting