Identify the right call center metrics using data and analysis


Metrics can be a constant struggle for contact centers to get right. From determining which performance pillars you need to focus on to which stakeholders need to be take into account, these are some of the decisions contact center encounter frequently. Contact centers also might be “stuck” trying to discover the root cause through process and data analysis. Other metric challenges could be deciding which metrics to measure and how to move the needle on the metrics being measured.

How have we helped other companies?

How we solve for this varies based on your contact center environment and current objectives. We can complete a diagnostic through our ccBenchmark methodology to determine root cause. Other ways we can help you are with our training programs, best practice sessions, and implementation support.

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]Site benchmarking provides an outside eye in your company using your metrics and processes and comparing them to the 700 companies we’ve touched with the goal to share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. LEARN MORE

Training for supervisors & above with a focus on metrics & analytical problem solving. It’s based around how you use all information for various systems to improve process and performance. LEARN MORE

Once your roadmap is defined, Insite will work quickly to execute your plan. Insite accomplishes this with a team of operational experts coupled with rapid cycle improvements to quickly implement, evaluate, and adjust.