Mergers can be a difficult challenge for not just companies in general, but they can be increasing complex in the contact center world. Knowing where to start might seem a bit overwhelming. After this is determined, some other challenging factors include identifying where overlap is occurring, keeping employee moral up in times of uncertainty, and integrating multiple technology systems together.  In other cases, it can be tough establishing which best practices are actually the best while making a completely unbiased decision.

How have we helped other companies?

We can help a number of different ways. We may complete a deep process and data analysis using our Benchmark methodology. We might also recommend best practices sessions or fill in staffing gaps to make impartial decisions with our staff augmentation.

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]Site benchmarking provides an outside eye in your company using your metrics and processes and comparing them to the 700 companies we’ve touched with the goal to share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. LEARN MORE

Best Practice Sessions are where we provide industry best practices, collaborate on integration of best practices, and wrap with an implementation plan. Topics can include Quality, Customer Experience, and Workforce Management.

Staff Augmentation helps your organization fill an open position as a short term placement till you’re able to find someone. This also helps you leverage our best practices where process improvements may be needed. LEARN MORE