Are you seeking to provide consistent Service Level during temperature-related events?

We appreciate how important it is for you to maintain and rise within the J.D. Powers Rankings. We have found a direct correlation between reasonable wait times during major utility events and J.D. Powers Rankings. As we move into one of the hottest summers in the last 6 years, we know your workforce management processes will be pushed to their limits.

We recently helped a leading home warranty company, who’s environment closely mirrors utilities, overcome this challenge by:

  • Creating an algorithm within their forecasting process to provide you with more notice for extreme temperature-related events
  • Providing a strategy to be successful when these events occur
  • Improving downstream processes for authorizations, truck rolls, and back office activities

We quickly uncovered through the analysis that the summer period did not align to a specific date or holiday as many believed. This is why they would see the seasonal spike in volume move around each year. As a result, they had difficulties pinpointing when to hire staff.

We then acquired a significant amount of data from the ACD, WFM system, and CRM/Billing system to identify volume drivers with strong correlations. One of the impactful correlations was based on temperature spikes in 10 different regions throughout the U.S.

Based on our analysis findings, we created a sophisticated forecasting algorithm using this new approach. To confirm its accuracy, we completed regression testing with the following outcomes.

Given the dependency on weather events, this Forecasting method provides an early warning indicator. To ensure a successful customer experience, we drafted and implemented a more optimal staffing strategy. 

How are you planning for your upcoming call volume spikes? Call or email us today if you would like to learn how we can help you overcome this challenge.