As you might be aware, we have been releasing data around our supervisor study for the last month. We collected over 300 results and the findings are intriguing to say the least. One of the data points we found interesting is when we quantified how much better high performers are than average performers. We were surprised by these results and thought you might find this information valuable. On average, high performing supervisors have teams that outperform average supervisor teams by 39.5%. The chart below shows these results.


Top performing call center supervisors are 40% more productive than average performing call center supervisors


During our analysis, we also reviewed quality data and the findings were quite impressive there as well. High performing supervisor teams were 5 points higher on their quality scores than average performing supervisor teams. Listed below is the chart for this analysis.


Top performing Call Center Supervisor teams have 5 point better quality scores than average performing contact center supervisor teams


Now knowing how much your top performing supervisors outperform average supervisors, wouldn’t it make sense to equip your average front-line leaders with the skills and tools the top performers possess?

If you could just shift the average performers over toward the high performers, it will make a huge impact on your bottom line. By shifting the average performers 10% in productivity and 2% in quality scores, you will have a savings of $320,000 for every 100 agents. You can explore this below by looking at their current performance (red line) and then moving their performance to follow the future performance (green line) by providing them with these tools and skills.


If you could shift your average performing contact center supervisors performance, it's meaningful.


Please call or email us today to discover how we can equip your  supervisors with the skills and tools top performing supervisors own so you can achieve breakout performance in your center.