What are the 4 Questions to Identify the Right Processes to Automate?

As we interact with clients, we are frequently asked about business process automation. Specifically, how to determine the right processes to automate and how to understand which tools should be used. Through our patented MegaMap methodology, we are able to quickly identify the right activities to automate using a combination of process analysis, data analysis, and industry expertise.

It begins with determining what the end goal is and why our client would like to automate their processes. From there, we help our clients define how they will measure success. Once we accomplish this together, we walk them through the following 4 QUESTIONS to select the right processes to automate.

1. Does the process allow you to apply yes/no logic?

2. Are the processes in a department with at least 10 FTE?

3. Do the processes have a high % of human error?

4. Do the processes have frequent changes to the process itself or the supporting systems?

After you determine the right processes to automate, you will then want to understand which tools to use. The tools you use largely depend on the process(es) you decide to automate.

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