A map to help companies determine what their contact center footprint should look like.


Determining a contact center footprint is a crucial task with plenty of room for error as well as risk. Many companies struggle to understand if the current footprint can support the planned growth and what locations are ideal for operations. Another common question is should future contact centers be in-sourced or out-sourced.

How have we helped other companies?

Solving for this challenge requires analysis using our ccBenchmark methodology. Once this is complete, we will then factor in your growth plan and provide a roadmap to implement your future footprint. From there, we can help you move forward with your new footprint through implementation support or staff augmentation.

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]Site benchmarking provides an outside eye in your company using your metrics and processes and comparing them to the 700 companies we’ve touched with the goal to share best practices and identify opportunities for improvement. LEARN MORE

Once your roadmap is defined, Insite will work quickly to execute your plan. Insite accomplishes this with a team of operational experts coupled with rapid cycle improvements to quickly implement, evaluate, and adjust.

Staff Augmentation helps your organization fill an open position as a short term placement till you’re able to find someone. This also helps you leverage our best practices where process improvements may be needed. LEARN MORE