Overcoming Knowledge Management Challenges

Knowledge management (KM) should be the hub of an organization. We understand that without an effective knowledge base, employees would struggle to address many complex situations which arise during customer service.

A business’s core knowledge base is one of their most invaluable assets, yet still, we meet so many clients who have overlooked important metrics to understand its effectiveness.  Take for example one of our clients who asked us to do an evaluation on their KM system.  

Our analysis found that agents were not using the knowledge base at all.

As you can see, our findings reveal agents were not utilizing the KM system. Then, take a look at the analysis results of the company’s other site:

Our analysis found agents were not using any knowledge base content

The agents within their other contact center were not utilizing the knowledge management system at all. This raised a deeper question around usability of the knowledge base. In response, we completed more analysis to find out why…

There are 5 reasons agents are not using the knowledge base. They are broken/dead link, missing/wrong information, site unavailable/down, graphics not displayed correctly, and search problems.

Missing or wrong information was the main reason why agents were not using the knowledge management. Surprised? The very same thing can be happening to you if your knowledge base is outdated.

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