Enabling Virtual Training

Knowing many companies are changing the way they operate; most companies are planning to keep a percentage of their workforce home going forward. This has led to a change in the training strategy for most companies. As training teams move into a virtual operating environment, here are some of the common questions we are hearing:

  • How do we keep training interactive and engaging?
  • What technologies should we be using?
  • How do we complete side by side observation for new hires?
  • What should nesting look like?

We have helped companies explore how to transition their content to virtual training while keeping participants engaged. This may include creating eLearning content. It also might involve moving activities to a blank PowerPoint through a screen share if your training technology does not provide whiteboards.

We have also helped many companies create processes to complete side by side observations, call listening, and nesting remotely. One way we helped a company overcome this challenge involved leveraging live call monitoring.

If you want to learn more about how we are helping companies through these challenges, simply send an email to sales@callinsite.com and we will introduce you to one of our virtual learning experts.