The Hidden Drivers of Employee Attrition

Your business rivals may be gaining the edge on you through more than just their processes and efficiencies. The industry’s best companies are aware of the costs associated with employee attrition and how to avoid them. Attrition can cost $200K/year in a group of 100 agents. However, the cost isn’t the area many companies struggle with. Often, they may rework their pay structure, training, or recruiting and find that retention does not improve.

If the reasoning behind employee attrition is not understood, your business has a second problem. You are prevented from determining the real issue. Today’s best contact centers are grabbing this bull by the horns with a data-driven approach. They are making use of business intel that goes beneath the surface.


We compare employee attrition levers to an iceberg – only about 15% is visible, and the real danger lies unseen. You will find wages and recruiting technology are only a portion of it. If you’d like to dive in deeper, we can help you uncover the costs, levers, and jagged edges that are cutting into the retention of your agents.

The world’s best employees produce consistent results by working in an environment designed to retain them. Learn proven ways to reduce costs and increase employee retention by giving us a call at 239-338-8719.