What channels are other companies using?  

As companies continue to focus on self-service, we’ve completed research around the channels companies are offering versus what customers use. We took this a step further to discover not only what customers will use, but what channels provide the highest customer satisfaction. You will find each channel listed below.

In addition to the channels where self-service is viable, these are the remaining channels customer prefer:

We also know 75% of customers will move to another channel when online service fails and this has a major impact on interaction costs. We estimate the cost of an initial interaction is approximately $3.75 for the average of all channels. If customers have to use another channel, the cost per customer increases another $6.57. For every 100,000 interactions, this amounts to $656,600.
Now that you understand the cost of channel switching and what customer prefer to you use, give us a call if you’d like to learn more around how to evaluate your self-service platforms. We welcome all exploratory discussions.