Are You Forecasting for Weather?

Our client is one of the largest energy retailers in North America and due to the products they offer, changes in weather significantly impact their customers. 2017 was projected to be one of the hottest summers in 5 years and our client’s call volume trends showed a spike in consumer behavior during hot weather. Knowing their contact center operations depends greatly on call volume forecasting, they needed to get it right.

However, their forecasting model wasn’t producing the most accurate results and they wanted to avoid financial loss from under or overstaffing in the future. They relied on Insite’s expertise to complete an evaluation of their WFM in the following areas:

  • Upgraded their forecasting tool to include weather/temperature for greater accuracy
  • Provided a go-forward plan to deal with the increased volume
To do this, we completed the following steps:

We developed the following near-term forecasting model which allowed our client to plan 10 days ahead, instead of reacting or overstaffing.

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