Do conference topics correlate to company priorities?

As we reviewed the contact center conferences for 2018, we noticed the conference topics were mainly focused on the customer experience. We found this interesting as most of our clients were working on many other areas besides the customer experience. This led us down a bit of a research path. We started by organizing and categorizing the contact center conference topics for 2018. This included all topics from over 30 different conferences throughout the year. We then analyzed the data. Below, you will find the conference topic breakdown.

You will notice the “Customer Experience” is over a quarter of the topics. This is followed closely by “Technology” and “AI.” As we interact with our clients, we understand the customer experience is important, but it is not their only priority. We then decided to complete an inventory of what companies are actually working on. You will see the results below and they are vastly different than conference topics.

What does this mean? Conference topics are often chosen by a vendor who is trying to sell their technology. While conferences are great for networking with your peers and potentially learning a best practice, it’s imperative you supplement this activity with industry experts who have exposure to multiple companies’ common day-to-day challenges.

If you would like to dive deeper into one of these topics to further understand what other companies are doing to achieve their 2018 priorities, either email us or give us a call. We welcome all exploratory discussions