Are conference topics relevant to your contact center?  

When we speak with companies, we are frequently asked what is new within the contact center industry. They want to understand not only what is trending within the industry, but what other companies are working on as well.  Recently, we reached out to you to ask what your top priorities for 2017 were and you answered. In addition, we wanted to understand if the conference topics are a good source for what is happening in the contact center industry or if there is some other priority.

Below, we reviewed conference materials for over 30 conferences, organized over 300 conference topics, and compiled a list. You will notice Customer Experience is the main focus with technology and Omni-Channel Experiences following in the distance.

Once we had this data, we then compared it to what our clients prioritize and are truly taking action on. While training/development initiatives ranked highest, technology upgrades and process optimization closely followed. The customer experience, which is the most common conference topic overall, ranked sixth in actual contact center priorities.

What does this mean? While contact center conferences provide a wealth of knowledge, they tend to prioritize topics based on providing knowledge around technology companies and conference vendors.  To put you further ahead of your competition, a better approach is to pair conference knowledge with a 3rd party point of view that has exposure to other companies’ common day-to-day contact center challenges.

If you would like to dive deeper into one of these topics to further understand what other companies are working on, please give us a call. We welcome all exploratory discussions.