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Adaptive Sigma™ Overview

When experience and instinct are not enough, utilize Insite’s Adaptive Sigma training. Adaptive Sigma produces breakthrough industry performance by delivering immediate application from the classroom to day-to-day contact center activities. We designed Adaptive Sigma to teach participants the practical, hands-on skills and knowledge to implement the most applicable Sigma tools and data analytic techniques. At Insite, we combine the best Sigma methods for Human Operating Enviroments:

  • Six Sigma – Focuses on identifying defects/errors and how to eliminate them
  • Lean Sigma – Focuses on identifying waste (non-value time/process steps) and how to reduce
  • Human Sigma – Focuses on individual personality styles and how they can be leveraged within contact centers to positively impact the customer and employee experience


  • Incorporate applicable Traditional Six Sigma, Lean Sigma, and Human Sigma concepts and tools into contact center performance improvement initiatives
  • Implement the appropriate statistical tools with specific contact center guidelines and benchmarks
  • Classify relationships between key output metrics (Quality, Handle/Talk Times, First Call Resolution, Service Level) and input metrics
  • Define performance metrics with targets based on a quantified methodology using data analytics (Reporting & Metric Prioritization)
  • Facilitate rapid performance results and efficient project implementation by streamlining the improvement methodology

Sample Results

At Liberty Cable, Insite taught our Adaptive Sigma Yellow Belt curriculum, helping their agents increase sales conversion using the sales process.  Liberty Cable agents were able to reduce their AHT in the Service, Dispatch and Technical Support departments.  Upon completion of our Adaptive Sigma training, agents also improved their FCR in the Service and Technical Support departments.  With these improvements, Liberty Cable saw an improved customer retention rate, saving over $400,000 annually.

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Target Participants – Customer Support and Operations

  • Vendor Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Fast-Track and High Performance Supervisors

Target Participants – Support Departments

  • Customer Satisfaction Performance
  • Command Center
  • Customer Experience/Satisfaction
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Project Management/Implementation
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Training
  • Workforce Management