Capitalize on your Remaining Budget

As we fly through the fourth quarter, most of us are focused on bringing 2018 to a strong close and preparing for a winning 2019. Budgets are top-of-mind and every day we’ve been hearing from clients on their top priorities…

Things to Accomplish in 2018
  • Driving year end performance results
  • Improving workforce management capabilities
  • Developing supervisors and managers to optimally manage operations through analytics and human variables
  • Acquiring or implementing a new site
  • Developing improved agent training
  • Benchmarking performance
  • Integrating a new service or product
  • Improving operational capabilities: 1. Quality, 2. Knowledge management, 3. Reporting, 4. Training, 5. Listening post / Business insights, 6. Operational practices
Preparing for 2019 Success
  • Evaluating contact center and back office operations to identify goals and objectives
  • Identifying high impact self-service initiatives
  • Integrating sales into the contact center
  • Mapping and improving the customer experience and journey
  • Rolling out a shared services program
  • Rebuilding your Knowledge management
  • Building design requirements for new technology implementations: 1. CRM, 2. ACD, 3. Speech analytics, 4. Knowledge management 5. WFM, 6. Training

No matter what your priorities may be, we know it will take a custom approach given the unique attributes of your operations. An exploratory discussion allows us to craft a personalized scenario to help you ensure you meet your goals this quarter and in 2019.

If you want to make an impact with your remaining 2018 budget, please give us a call at 239-338-8719 to schedule your exploratory discussion.