Are Supervisor Coaching Conversations Increasing Attrition in Your Call Center?

Attrition has numerous root causes specific to the contact center environment, industry, and geography. One of the root causes we frequently find is around the coaching conversations supervisors have with their agents. Knowing most supervisors are promoted within, often times there is not enough time, resources, or tools to train them on how to correctly coach their agents. Over time, unsuccessful or unpleasant coaching interactions can lead to an increase in attrition.

One of the ways we partner with our clients to improve coaching is through supervisor training which equips them with personality style knowledge and how they can tailor coaching sessions to their agents’ personalities. This is helpful to call center supervisors since it enables the conversations to become transparent and decreases the amount of time they need to conduct these conversations with their agents. Additionally, it’s great to train all employees on this skill.  It can expedite calls since it provides agents with information around how to deal with specific customers in addition to decreasing misunderstandings between agents and customers.

Below, you will find the 4 personalities styles. Each of the personalities styles has a way for the supervisor to discern what their agents’ dominate personality styles are as well as how to customize the feedback and coaching to the individual agent.

If you are looking for more ways to decrease attrition through supervisor training, give us a call or email us. Coaching to the agents personality is a small part of much larger supervisor training program consisting of 35 modules that will not only decrease attrition but provide additional tools to drive performance improvement throughout your call center.

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