Our Spotlight Challenge this Month is Workforce Management!

Having touched over 650 contact centers, one of the frequent challenges we’ve discovered is the lack of partnership between the Workforce Department and the Operations Department. Often times, they have the same goals such as a consistent customer experience. However, we find the operations department can inadvertently hurt WFM by changing skill levels, breaks, or pulling teams off phones for meetings. One of the helpful ways we’ve helped other centers overcome this is by creating a collaborative relationship between the two departments through a 4 step process.

Here is the 4 step process to assist call center workforce management teams collaborate with contact center operations teams.

The 1st step in this process is to bring all parties involved together to begin the collaborative discussion around common goals. Many companies find it helpful to have an unbiased 3rd party to facilitate this conversation. Ground rules should be established in the beginning before discussions start to take place. From there, it’s helpful to start the goal discussion with, here is where we are and here is where we want to be. Supplemental topics should include milestones, team members, definitions, and some type of data collection checklist to include Service Levels by Interval, Adherence by shift, Absenteeism, and weekly % of agents who received coaching. It’s important to note data is valuable as it can take the emotions and opinions out of the discussion.

After the data analysis is completed, everyone should come back together to determine the approach and the next steps. The next steps should include a weekly meeting. These meetings should have set rules where everyone is honest and transparent. The topics of these discussions should include what went well as well as what did not go well with some type of explanation. Other topics should include ideas for improvement and goals should be adjusted if needed based on feedback. In addition, data should be collected and analyzed between the meetings so it can help drive the conversation.

At the conclusion of each meeting, it’s important to have everyone rallied around the final decision regarding goals, approach, and next steps. If not all agree with the final outcome, they should all support the final decision. It can be helpful to go around to each individual participant and ask for their support of the decision.

Once the collaboration project completes and goals are obtained, new SOP’s should be put into place. From there, results from the project and any changes should be communicated to all involved. Lastly, wins should be celebrated!

If you are needing help with this workforce challenge or any other call center workforce challenge, call or email us. We can help. Here are some of the ways we can help.