In a contact center, supervisors are the key to success!

They can boost your performance to the highest heights or send you in a tailspin downward. It’s easy to understand why when you review the infographic below. Your supervisors have an expansive influence in 4 primary areas to include the Customer Experience, Efficiencies, Timeliness, and Employees. As we break these 4 areas down further, your supervisors have direct influence over at least 3 metrics or processes in each area. Let’s take a deeper look at these essential areas, the metrics within these areas, and how they are all interrelated.

We will begin with the customer experience. Within the customer experience, your supervisors have a direct influence over their agent’s behavior, quality, and Call Resolution. Your agents’ behavior on or off the phone can carry through the phone to the customer and directly impact the customer experience. Quality also influences the customer experience as many times quality forms are designed to measure the customer experience. Another frequently used customer experience metric is Call Resolution. If customers have to call back in order to resolve their issue, this can negatively impact the customer experience. Often times, this is a knowledge or training issue their supervisor can address and help agents solve.

Call Resolution also known as FCR is related to efficiency as well. Other metrics related to efficiency are AHT, Adherence, Absenteeism, and Utilization. In addition, AHT, Adherence, and Absenteeism directly correlate to Timeliness as well. Your supervisors have direct control over these metrics and can really drive change particularly around reducing costs with these metrics. We find many times supervisors do not understand how their actions can impact Efficiency and Timeliness.

Let’s use AHT as an example. If your AHT goes up due to agents not having all the tools and training supervisors are expected to coach or reinforce, this can effect negatively impact Service Levels, Customer Satisfaction, efficiency, and Employee Satisfaction.  In addition, if your supervisors are able to drive a 5% improvement in AHT, this is ultimately a $24,000 save for every 15 agents or 1 supervisor. Now, if we did this exercise for all the efficiency metrics, your savings can really add up over time.

As we explore the employee area, some of the processes and metrics falling under this area are Culture & Feedback, Career Pathing, and Employee Satisfaction. Your supervisors have a sizable impact on the culture of your company as they are the ones delivering the feedback to your agents and cheering your agents on. They also assist your agents with Career Pathing and work with your agents to develop their strengths and weaknesses. These two processes feed directly into Employee Satisfaction. If they are done correctly, these processes can make such a positive impact on your Employee Satisfaction.

As we reflect on the vast control supervisors have over metrics and processes in the center, we find they do not always have the proper tools and skills needed to drive change. We find they are great at coaching agents, but they are unsure how to prioritize which agent behaviors or actions are the impactful opportunities areas. Often times, supervisors take the path of least resistance or coach to a behavior or action that might not be as impactful as another. Frequently, this is due to the lack of training and tools supervisors receive as their managers do not have the time or a toolbox to train them.

Knowing how busy most center leaders are we find they often struggle with finding time and having the proper tools to train the front-line leaders. This sent us down a research path. Our findings and final results have been intriguing for us and we’d love to walk you through them. We anticipated some of the findings, but others were unexpected. In addition, we’d like to invite your supervisors and managers to participate in the evaluation to determine where gaps might exist in your center. Contact us today to schedule the complimentary evaluation.