Building Blocks of Workforce Management

Know the Metric Deliverables – There are a lot of different factors that go into making workforce management successful. Understanding what metrics are required for an organization to be successful is the driving factors behind what building blocks need to be established for either your organization or department. What factors need to be considered? Understanding contact center metric targets such as average speed of answer (ASA), service level, abandonment rate, average handle time (AHT), and budgeted hours are critical for success.

Forecasting & Requirements – Once you have your metrics, you should now understand what drives your business. Having a reasonable, accurate forecast drives many other factors in the success of your organization. Factors such as arrival patterns, historical data, shrinkage, and your expected metrics are internal factors that drive your forecast, however, there are outside factors that could also drive your forecast results. Factors such as mail drops, TV announcements, sales events, and other marketing factors could also increase your expected volume. Make sure you have an open line of communication with all other departments so that you understand what’s on the horizon that could impact you.

Scheduling – Once you have your forecast and requirements in place, you have the human factor to consider. What works best for your business? Does a flex model work better or does a set model work better? How much consideration from an agent’s perspective do you take? Do you give more consideration from a preference perspective or is the model simply based on costs? You also must consider what shrinkage factor comes into play? In every organization, there are always a % of agents that are not able to perform their duties during a scheduled day or are not there. Those factors must also be account for.

Managing Real Time – Once schedules are out, then what? Understanding several other trends after schedules are out can also help you be successful. Knowing where your agents are and what they are doing are critical. Are they being productive? Do I have enough staff to cover the random influx of volume? Am I actually overstaffed? How do the metrics stack up against forecasted versus actual? Also, being alert, managing real time alerts, and understanding your data are the building blocks that will provide stronger results for your organization.



Jason Hilliard
Sr. Manager, Professional Services

Jason has devoted the past 21 years to improving contact center performance and efficiency with great brands like JTV, Whirlpool, and Travelers Insurance. He has significant experience in contact center operations, technology implementation and professional services.

While skilled in all major contact center functions, Jason’s professional passions are Workforce Management and Agent Productivity/Utilization. He applies a career’s worth of learning and experience to help Insite’s clients solve significant challenges and achieve meaningful improvements. He built and led several Workforce Management departments as well as Management Information System (MIS) departments.


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