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Performance Success: Do you have what it takes?


Are you really prepared to meet your 2019 performance goals? We are now approaching the second quarter of 2019, meaning your annual budget is in full effect. But do you have what you need to meet and exceed your 2019 goals? If you want to get the most out of your money, it's time to focus on increasing performance. One of the best ways to build up performance momentum is training. So where to begin? We recommend training your supervisors, who are your [...]

Performance Success: Do you have what it takes?2019-03-12T10:49:41-04:00

Getting the Most Out of NPS


Getting the Most Out of NPS Do you know how loyal your customers are? If you don’t take measures like Net Promoter Score to track your customer experience, you are missing out on simple, actionable data which gives insight into future revenue growth. Companies that exclude this type of structured follow-up process grow at a slower pace than companies closing the loop. We wanted to back this up with data, so we looked at the companies who dominate their industry an conducted the analysis below. Just. [...]

Getting the Most Out of NPS2019-02-12T11:06:23-05:00