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The Anatomy of High Performers


The Anatomy of High Performers In order to design our training to transform your staff into high performers, we wanted to understand what makes a high performer so good at what they do. In our last post, we discussed the different personas in your frontline leadership. What we found was it isn’t so much the persona, as it is the skillset that make them the best. To better understand what makes the “best” different, we analyzed a comprehensive set of skills that successful operational supervisors [...]

The Anatomy of High Performers2019-04-15T16:49:17-04:00

A Supervisor Success Story


A 6-Point FCR Increase Success Story In our last post, we talked about how top performing teams deliver 39.5% more productivity than the rest. So how exactly do you replicate the skills your top performers possess? We analyzed 5 different areas to include personas, exposure to other companies, skills, education, and attitudes. Based on our findings, we concluded it was not the personas, exposure, education, or attitudes. It was the skills that sit behind these personas. However, our research concluded the majority of supervisors had zero [...]

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