Are Work at Home Agents Much Happier?

Work at Home

Many people believe that working at home will make them much happier as the convenience is second to none. However, there are several challenges agents face in the work at home environment which could significantly offset the perks of working at home:

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Lack of Communication
  • Limited face to face interactions with their co-workers
  • Difficult New Hire Process
  • Technology requirement hurdles

While it is nice to work in the comfort of home, we see many of our clients who staff at home work environments place the same operational methodologies as they do for their in-office environment. Then they wonder why their work at home agents are inefficient,  not meeting KPIs, or end up abandoning their jobs before day 1.

This was the case for one of our recent clients. To help them overcome this challenge, we completed an analysis and found the following reasons for new hire fall out in their work at home environment:

job abandonment

In the analysis, we also found that the average cost for new hires was $2,700 per agent. This is how much was being wasted due to the new hires leaving from lack of support, leadership, or just not a good fit for the job. This can be a significant cost if your attrition is high. For a 100 agent center with a 40% attrition rate, the annual attrition cost exceeds $100,000.

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